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Cancun mono

2.0 x 2.0 x 790 (spa dia 1650)


22 jets

1 main pump

1  eco circ pump

Antimicrobial filter system

Chromanite Lighting

UV-C water treatment


See Tech Spec for details - can be specified for domestic or commercial use.


The unique design of this stunning contemporary overflow spa will enhance any setting whether at home, as a guest facility in hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, health spas etc.


Hit the deck in style, however much water you manage to splash over the spa side it will disappear - the ultimate self-cleaning hot tub! Practicality with a lot of style for everyone.  

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Cancun Spa - Dimensions/Accommodation



An Infinite Edge overflow spa for domestic or commercial use.

2.0m square (cabinet) with a 1.650 overall diameter spa. x 790mm tall (height of cabinet) means our install team will need a minimum straight line width clearance of 920m  around your house, and 2.15m headroom...




4 bathers

4-6 seats


Cancun Spa - Technical Specification



All the technical gubbins is tucked away inside the 2m square cabinet. As standard we fit one 3hp massage pump, though  this can be further upgraded if required.


As standard it comes with a 6sqm (approx 65sqft) cartridge filter, but we can upgrade this to a suitable sized media filter for commercial use.


The top deck is made from our own exclusive "WPC" eco neutral and root proof recycled composite (the same material we make our structural spa frames from) so its completely unaffected by water.


The Technical specification of this spa can be tailored to the users requirements, type of installation, and type of use.


Please contact our technical department for more details.


The spec below is for a typical domestic installation though can be further upgraded for commercial use.



This Spa (in standard domestic spec) has 3 pumps in total to provide excellent hydromassage and water management.

Pump sizes and configurations can vary dependant on the particular installation


3 in total consisting of:

  • 1 x 3hp (2.3kw) dual speed hydrotherapy pump (6hp peak)

  • 1 x 100w ecoblu Circulation pump



 We use 2sizes of high flow jet in different configurations to supply  high quality hydromassage to a therapeutic standard.


22 in total consisting of:

  • 22 hydrotherapy jets (stainless steel/graphite trims)

Water management:

Filtration pump size can vary depending upon particular installation and type of filter media use.

Standard domestic spec includes UV-C ultra violet water sanitation.

Other systems are available if required.

Automated maintenance system:

  • Programmable cycle dedicated filtration pump

  • Dedicated filtration / circulation system

  • Antimicrobial Cartridge filter 65sqft

  • UV-C sanitation system

PH/RX automatic dosers / ISIS upgrade options


Chromotherapy has been shown to offer many health benefits. our latest cutting edge system is 4 times brighter than others yet uses less power.

With 15 points of light within the spa from our programmable Chromanite system the result at night is truly spectacular.



Coordinated Cromanite system consisting of:

  • 15 multi-point waterline led's



Structural Construction:

Our unique composite shell system really needs to be seen to be believed but you wont be interested in that because they all look the same from the top - don't they.

The strongest shell available with built-in thermal and acoustic insulation and its actually bio degradable too.

Even the adjustable support frame  are revolutionary designs with built-in shock absorbers to relieve stress.

The steel support frame is height adjustable to allow final levelling of the spa.

Shell: 5 layer composite consisting:

  • Vacuumed formed from extra thick 6.3mm Acrylic

  • A second layer of ABS polymer that substantially increases the impact strength.

  • A robotically applied reinforcement layer of proprietary high density polyurethane polymer.

  • An additional thick layer of lower density polymer that provides built-in high "R2" value insulation.

  • imbedded shock absorbing mounts for the multi point reinforced "zero-stress" steel frame support system

Insulation/energy management:


Depending on the installation (indoor or outdoor) and use (domestic/commercial) we can provide a range of covers and insulation options best suited to the particular application.


Thermal Barrier system consisting of:

  • 10mm polyurethane shell spray insulation


  • A range of covers to best suit the particular install situation.

Electrical supply:

240v single phase 50Hz. This powerful spa needs to be wired directly to your electricity consumer unit via an isolator switch. This is a straightforward job for any professional electrician.


13 amp min load rating

           25amp optimal rating*

Power requirement may vary depending upon actual spec

Cancun Spa - Built to your choice

You can choose from a range of colours for your new spa, and in addition you can choose to either have plain white side panels as standard, or upgrade to have a personalised robotically machined backlit engraving of your design or logo on one or more panels - please enquire for details.

Shell Colours


We've selected a range of contemporary acrylic shades that tone beautifully with both inside and outside surroundings and will keep the stunning looks for many years into the future.


The shades may not display accurately on your computer monitor



Personalised panel engraving

Our robotic production technology allows us to engrave the Cancun's side panels with almost any design you choose and back lit it for dramatic affect. This works well for corporate logos or just any design you choose.

Some examples are below, but please call us with your ideas - we'd love to show what we can produce for you!


Spa Cover



For indoor use the Cancun comes as standard with our Maintenance-free synthetic top cover.

For outside use we can supply our  thick insulating wind proof cover.

Either way we'll make sure you keep the heat in for the short periods of time you're just not able to be in there (yeah work huh).....

Cancun Spa - Upgrades to personalise your spa

Please call us to discuss and we can guide you through the maze and explain what will work best to suit your needs.

XtremeTM winter cover

We make this cover for extreme winter climates with exceptional strength and insulation performance.

Wellis Multimedia player

A true marine grade wipod system that will surround you in 3d sound that has to be experienced. The system comprises: Multimedia MP3 player - FM Tuner - Bluetooth connectivity - Gas damped rising shell speakers - Undershell integrated Sub-Bass unit

ecobluTM Self maintaining safewater system

Quite simply the most advanced, automated, water sanitation, dosing, maintaining, thingy ever. Maintaining safe  water chemistry is extremely important - this widget does it for you, more>

Robinson Premium

Silent air bubbler

As air bubbler pumps go, our standard pump is not noisy, but with everything else on the spa being so quiet, we decided to offer these "Silent" German made blowers (<60db) as an upgrade option.


 Auxiliary Control Panels

For your convenience you can specify additional control panels.


Auxiliary heater (4kw)

An additional heater is available which more than doubles the standard heaters capacity to maintain high bathing temperatures during heavy use in exceptionally cold environments.  


Cover lifters

A range of cover lifters to assist in removing the thermal spa cover quickly, easily, and safely. Protects both your back and the spa cover from damage!