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A large investment in automation and Green technology allows us to produce spas with substantially lower ecological and carbon footprints.


"Going Green" is more than just a slogan to us - clean manufacturing has never been so important. Our investment in sustainable production technology has fundamentally changed the way Spas are made. 



The new 7000 sqm Wellis high technology manufacturing facility near Budapest in Hungary - after just 4 years is now Europe's largest producer of Spas and Hot tubs.


Our commitment to investing in technologies to cut waste, remove hazardous materials, reduce energy use, and minimise our carbon footprint is just a part of why our customers have made us Europe's favourite spa manufacturer. 


Now you too can own a beautiful, high performance spa and feel good about feeling great!


Our spa shell is stronger, lighter, safer, and bio-degradable

It provides exceptional reliability, strength, lightness, and insulation (for heat and sound). This ensures the water stays hot with less heater use, and is why Wellis spas are so quiet and economical.

Some benefits of our composite Acrylic/ABS/PU reinforced spa shell include:

Highly effective sound insulation - probably the quietest massage baths and Spas available – Take a bath or a spa whenever it pleases you and it won’t annoy the neighbours!

Highly effective heat insulation – which means less heater use and lower electricity costs.

Ecologically sound, its degradable (unlike fibreglass it does not give off hazardous emissions) and meets all relevant EU standards.

A  unique spa structure that keeps energy in and outside out 

Wellis spas are built on a one piece floor pan. This is formed from   thick Abs sheet and extends 100mm up the sides to keeps all the damp, insects and rodents out. 


Our one piece moulded floor pan creates a DPC (Damp Proof Membrane) between your spa and the cold, wet ground.

It is impervious to rodent attack and the attendant health risks.

It reduces the need for expensive ground preparation prior to installation.

It is totally rot proof and will not deteriorate over time.

It protects your investment.

Recycles plastics to reduce landfill

Our  perimeter frame supports the shell edge, and provides a fixing for the cabinet panels.

We use a special non-hazardous preservative on our timber, but we have also developed an alternative  wood/polymer composite material ("WPC").  This a strong, impervious and eco neutral material that is rot proof, zero hazard, and also free of virgin resources,; yet still ultimately bio degradable.

Insulation & energy recycling that reduces running costs

Utilising all the thermal gains within the spa is critical.

We  harvest waste heat from the pump motors and heater, and redirect  into the optimised spa plumbing whilst bouncing the cold outside air away. This maximises efficiency and minimises running costs.

Insulation actually built-in to the shell structure.

40mm board reflective "Space Blanket" perimeter thermal shield.

40mm floor pan reflective "Space Blanket" thermal shield.

Finned bodied "heat sink" main pumps with heat recovery ability.

High efficiency main pumps.

Ultra low energy consumption dedicated filtration pump on most models.

M7 solid state control system with energy management programming

Thermal covers with built-in reflective heat shield.


Wellis Heat Map

This is an infrared heatmap picture. The persons face is red, indicating a high heat loss, whilst the pastel colours of the Wellis spa show very low heat emissions as almost all the heat is kept inside the spa and cabinet.


It's our planet too - we take our responsibilities seriously

Our green initiatives reduce wastage, present a safer working environment for our staff, and help us to leave a  lighter carbon footprint across our part of the world.


Our location in Hungary hugely reduces transport miles to our customers throughout Europe.

Lo-Chem water sanitation

We use low invasive water maintenance systems that substantially reduce chemical usage, along with the eco hazard of their subsequent disposal into the eco-system.

Thermal efficiency

Closed cycle thermal gain harvesting recycles heat back into the spa, reducing electricity use and heat loss to the outside environment.

Acoustic footprint

Our spas are very quiet when in use. This is results from sound deadening insulation of the spa shell, no-stress decoupling support pads, rubber isolated pumps and optimised plumbing that reduces plumbing turbulence.


We have developed the worlds first bio-degradable, hazard neutral spa shell and we continue to work to further reduce our ecological footprint in meaningful ways.

Water Bio-Safety is vital - our new technology makes it easy

Traditional sanitizers are very effective at destroying bio hazards in bathing water but they can also produce adverse reactions in some people such as an inflammation of skin, throat and lung tissues.

We have several technologies that will substantially reduce the amount of sanitizer required and also improve the water quality.

Ozonator  reduces the level of chemicals needed for safe bathing water

An Ozonator produces Ozone (O3 ), a naturally occurring gas.  This quickly breaks down to  harmless O2 (Oxygen), shedding a "Free Radical" in the process that  latches onto any stray bacterium or virus it finds, and neutralising it.

Ozone is transient, it cannot be stored in the water and therefore is not a complete sanitation system though it does significantly reduce the amount of chemicals needed.

Most Wellis tubs come equipped with Ozonators.

Wellzone UV-C  Ultra-Violet light has long been used in commercial swimming pools and industrial processes as an extremely effective sanitizer. The WELLZONE UV-C system is a miniaturised version of this technology.

As water passes through the unit it is bombarded with UV rays which produce an extremely effective sanitizing effect that's completely hypo-allergenic to bathers.

UV is transient, it cannot be stored in the water and therefore is not a complete sanitation system though it does significantly reduce the amount of chemicals needed.

ecoblu ISIS Simply the most advanced and easiest to use system

A true Stand Alone automatic digital water management/treatment system.

Our I.S.I.S. system generates a constant stream of natural pure Bromine ions from a once yearly dose of Sodium Bromide (similar to Sea Salt) and also provides a wonderfully soothing water quality. It can never run out of sanitizer because it constantly recycles, and keeps the spa water crystal clear and safe for a full year between water changes (with traditional manual dosing you change the water every 2 or 3 months).

Bromine is a residual sanitizer, that means it can be stored in the water and therefore forms a complete sanitation system.

With no need to add any chemicals you spend less time playing chemist with your water – more time enjoying your spa.

Our easy to use touch panel controllers cut energy use too

Our programmable systems can be user configured to optimise energy use and reduce emissions. They are built for us by Balboa in the USA  

Balboa Spa control systems have a global reputation as makers of the most dependable and robust Spa control systems.

Our recently developed touch pad system with self-calibration and self diagnostics, features a menu driven touch screen for easy selection of the many options on our top models.

We also fit auxiliary panels to some models for easy control from any position in the spa

We have several different touch pad models throughout our range depending upon the complexity of the particular spa model and the degree of controllability required.

Optional additions include our "O-flow" floating remote control,




and our "iSpa app to give you world wide control through your Apple™ device.

(see individual model specifications for applicability)


Filtration is a big energy use, our spas use 40% less  

We have designed a multi-level filtering and circulation system that provides exceptionally high quality crystal clear bathing water yet consumes at least 40% less electricity than conventional systems.

Our ecoblu circulation pump draws water through the filters and also circulates it through the heater unit and sanitation systems (Ozone, UV-C, ISIS) depending on what options are fitted (some models vary).

The pump draws the entire volume of spa water through the negative pressure filter cartridges around 4 times each hour.

Our filter contain an anti-microbial material called Microban. As well as filtering debris and impurities, our antimicrobial media also inhibits the growth of bacteria - helping to sanitise your water, ensuring its always perfectly clear, clean, & safe to use.

Microbes are living cells such as bacteria, mold, and mildew and can double every 20 minutes unless destroyed quickly. Microban® penetrates their cell wall and neutralises them.

There are two types of filtration system used in domestic spas, pressurised and negative pressure. We use the negative pressure principle - that is to say the pump draws water through the cartridges rather than pushes it, for several reasons.

Longer filter life - pressured flow often tears the filter medium over time.

Longer pump life - any waterborne debris is caught in the filter before it can enter the pump

Easy & safe filter removal - No struggling with the locking ring on a pressure chamber or risk of unexpected pressure release

Easy to replace filters - just drop (or twist) them in, no need to bleed the system each time

Innovation is in our DNA! -  Wellis built their first spa in 2010, just as the global recession went into freefall. Just 4 years later we sell more spas than any other European producer - that's no accident...

Robots build cleaner, greener, and cheaper! They don't know about Friday afternoons. Their best friends are computers, and between them can mix complex polymers as they spray, drill holes to within 0.0001m of where we want them - and never get board, hungover or feel undervalued.

Our production teams meanwhile get on with the more interesting tasks, whilst our designers and specifiers constantly tweak and fuss to build and equip a better, greener, product.

And the results are why our customers love our spas so much.

Our quality certifications include ISO 9001, & TUV 


European production brings additional peace of mind for safety and quality issues as all our materials and processes are fully certified and constantly independently monitored in compliance with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 and TUV standards.

These are the highest certifications possible for excellence in manufacturing so if you choose to buy your spa from us, you can rest assured that it is fully compliant to pan-European safety standards that are independently audited.

Robotic production process ensures consistent  quality 

Automated manufacturing incorporating ABB Robots has increased our efficiency and allows us to pre-plan and automate every tiny detail of the production process. This guarantees absolute consistency and quality control of each finished Spa as well as reducing our production costs – a saving that we pass on to our customers.

This pioneering system has transformed the way spas are made and has established Wellis as an outstanding regional and international manufacturing company. We have developed what has traditionally been an industry dominated by manual production using hand held tools to another level - producing products built with manufacturing tolerances of less than one tenth of a millimetre.

Automation has led to other innovations in design as well, particularly in the use of modern "green" materials. Our industry leading spa shell construction is an example of a win-win situation for the customer and the planet which could not be achieved without this degree of automated production.

Benefits of our spa shell technology include:

  • Highly effective sound insulation

These are probably the quietest Spas, almost silent during filtration cycles when running or filtering

  • Highly effective heat insulation

Our unique shell construction significantly reduces heater use - so lower energy costs too!

  • Ecologically sound product

Our Spa shells are Bio-degradable and eco-friendly and meet all relevant EU standards.

  • Lighter and Stronger

Considerably  lighter, stronger and more stable than traditional hand applied fibre glass backed shells and will not delaminate over time.

  • Consistently reliable

Robotic production ensures each shell is identical resulting in consistent quality for every customer


Our Quality assurance allows us to offer the best warranty - if things go wrong, you're in safe hands

Despite our best efforts, we know stuff just happens when you least need it to, so we carry a full inventory of parts in the UK and the technical knowhow to resolve any problems quickly, effectively, and with the minimum of fuss.

We're proud of our spas and their reliability, but if the bubbles stop coming or it all goes horribly cold, you know who to call - and we'll be there - quickly, effectively, and...  well you get the idea...(but no cape or tights).

We have one of the best warranties in the business

It's transparent and sensible with no catches. Wellis UK actively support all our dealers with a parts and knowledge base to ensure our customers suffer minimal inconvenience in the event of a breakdown.

In addition we will administrate and oversee warranty issues. The main points of our manufacturer's warranty include the following cover:


Shell surface, Spa frame, insulation, cabinet panels, spa base: against cracking , crazing, splitting, delaminating, irrespective of water loss.


Failure of spa components including: Massage pumps, Circulation pumps, Micro-bubble pump, Pulsar unit, Control pack, touch panel, Heated Air Blower unit, lighting components, wiring looms, valves & controls, union seals, heater element, electrical sanitation systems,


Failure of any audio/visual components including power supplies, receivers, transmitters, handsets, speakers, displays, drives etc. Cover lifter frames, Steps, Thermal covers, Handrails and all dealer fitted accessories.


Deterioration of soft plastics such as head pillows, filter covers, Software, Cartridge filters, Chemicals, damage caused by improper chemical regime, external factors such as flood, impact or twisting, excessive heat/cold or subsidence due to uneven/settling sub base.


All labour from date of delivery is supplied free by the supplying dealer. This may be subject to a maximum distance restriction over which a travelling charge may be applied - check your dealers website for details.

Yes, we know there are better sounding warranties out there but read carefully what real protection they contain. "Water loss from cracking or delamination of the spa shell" is worthless, a delaminated shell will rarely leak. "Lifetime" warranty means 10 years and is often pro-rated which is unenforceable in the UK...

Service contract or ad-hoc call out, the choice is yours 

UK Wellis dealers offer several different service options to keep your Wellis spa, Sauna or other Wellness product, operating at peak efficiency for the many years you are entitled to expect from it.

Annual services are recommended for most products and can be included in an overall breakdown and maintenance program if required please contact your supplying dealer for more information.