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More of us suffer pain from muscle - skeletal conditions, whether as a result of stress, injury, or the ravages of time, than from any other condition.

Since the earliest civilisations we've been working on it! And Hydrotherapy has always had a big part to play in improving the human condition.

Wellis take Wellness therapy very seriously and constantly  research and design technologies that work together in synergy to further enhance the benefits of Hydrotherapy through their products. PULSAR programmable massage is just one example of focusing technology to provide hydrotherapy exactly tailored to the users needs.



Another therapeutic advance is our MICROSILK system of super oxygenated microbubbles that provides anti-aging results and also delivers quantifiable relief from many debilitating skin conditions

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The Basics - A Wellis Spa is about as close to a Roman bath as the Space shuttle is to Nero's chariot, but the principle remains the same..

Basically ever since life's experiences have been recorded warm bubbling water has been credited with beneficial health effects

It took off in a big way for the Greeks and Romans who both developed the public Spa Bath concept. These were used both as Leisure Centres for relaxation as well as medical Centres for treating ailments.

Move on 9 centuries and the Jacuzzi brothers were the first to see the commercial application of putting jets in a bath, and the private massage bath was born.

Modern hot tubs tend to have more and bigger jets, and more powerful pumps than massage baths. Massage shower jets are smaller and stimulating and can be combined with steam therapy in our steam showers, but the basic principle of therapeutic hydro-massage remains the same.

Wellis constantly research and develop the latest technologies in manufacturing processes and user features. Our latest advances such as our  CHROMANITETM, SCENTUALTM, PULSARTM, MICROSILKTM, and AQUASOULTM systems add even more enhancements and wellness benefits to the well proven advantages of Hydro-therapy.

Aqua Wellness  - Anyone who has pulled a muscle and experienced the relief a hot bath can bring has benefited from hydrotherapy...

Our bodies are the most complicated mix of different systems all trying to keep us safe, upright, mobile, happy, and motivated 

Like any machine our structure can take a few knocks and accidents along the way. Our cars get Mot's, sofas get thrown out, but our bodied just get on with it for as long as they can with little TLC and a lot or expectation.

Whether pre-emptive or palliative, Hydro-therapy, Chromo-therapy, Aroma-therapy,  Massage-therapy, Oxygen-therapy, all have a huge and proven role to play. Any hot tub will provide benefits. A Wellis spa will do more, because of our advanced technology demonstrated in our exclusive  CHROMONITETM, SCENTUALTM, PULSARTM and MICROSILKTM systems.

Pain Relief - that grinding pain, often focused in the lower back...

though just as debilitating wherever it strikes. Hydrotherapy is a completely natural process of low impact massage at raised body temperature in a near weightless environment. The effect stimulates the release of endorphins which creates both a feeling of wellbeing as well a natural pain relief.

A common misconception of pain from the spinal area is that it is the Spine itself that causing the problem. In almost all cases it is the lateral muscles that are in spasm but the nerves are taking the pain message back to the spinal column. Massage the lateral muscles (each side of the spine) and the pain will ease. That's why we arrange our spa jets in a "Verso" pattern (like a "V") in order to stimulate the laterals but not impact the relatively delicate spinal column.

A massage therapist will vary the massage to stimulate the release of toxins and endorphins and clear stress knots. PULSAR simulates this therapy by allowing you to program any of 9 different massage patterns to maximise the therapeutic benefit.

MICROSILK takes this to a completely new level. Super oxygenated water contains micro-bubbles that are 50 times smaller than normal bubbles. So small that they enter the skin's pores directly, rejuvenating and oxygenating damaged tissues with dramatic anti-ageing benefits.

Mood therapy - Different light frequencies can affect our moods

Chomotherapy is a modern take on the ancient practice of colour therapy. The old Eastern belief is that we are governed by 7 Chakras based along our spine. These are stimulated by different colours - with physical as well as physiological benefits.

We offer two colour lighting systems on our spas. Our "Moodlighting" system of a  55 led extra bright colour wash light unit will transform your night time bathing ambience with a colour environment of your choice - included as standard on all our spas.

Our full "CHROMONITE" system includes the Moodlighting equipment, plus up to 22 additional point lights around the water line, controls, head pillows etc to add a touch of magic to this valuable therapeutic feature.

The picture above shows the body zone and colour that each Chakra is associated to. Our moods, as well as the wellbeing of our organs, are believed to be influenced by them. A web search on "Chakras" will produce a wealth of information on this fascinating subject.


RED governs the BASE chakra situated at the base of the spine

Psychological - encourages: vitality, courage, self confidence
Physical - stimulates: kidneys and bladder, the vertebral column, hips and legs are also areas related to this chakra.


ORANGE governs the SACRAL chakra in the lower abdomen.

Psychological - encourages: happiness, confidence, resourcefulness
Physical - stimulates: uterus, large bowel, prostate, ovaries and testes, sexual performance.


YELLOW governs the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, below the ribs

Psychological - encourages: wisdom, clarity, self-esteem
Physical - stimulates: Kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine


GREEN governs the HEART chakra.

Psychological - encourages: balance, love, compassion, forgiveness

Physical - stimulates: Thymus gland, heart, lungs, arms, hands, circulatory system


BLUE governs the THROAT chakra

Psychological - encourages: Thyroid gland, hypothalamus, parathyroid, throat, mouth

Physical - stimulates: Communication, speech, knowledge, loyalty


INDIGO governs the BROW chakra

Psychological - encourages: Intuition, imagination, vision, clairvoyance, wisdom, devotion, concentration, creative visualisation

Physical - stimulates: Pituitary gland, nose, ears, left eye;


VIOLET governs the CROWN chakra, top of the head.

Psychological - encourages: inspiration, idealism, perfection

Physical - stimulates: Pineal gland, central nervous system, cerebral cortex, right eye

Aroma therapy - Our exclusive ScentualTM infusion system

Since the first century distilled essential oils have been employed as medicines. In the eleventh century along came the invention of Steam distillation and the ability to isolate essential oils. Wind forward a thousand years and we get to the marriage of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy in Hottubs.

Wellis, as you would guess, have taken the traditional crude "tip the bottle in" principle fully up to date with their exclusive metered cartridge system of resealable essential oils cartridges and built-in dispensing system that delivers exceptional effectiveness.

Fragrances include:


Sandalwood essential oil is distilled from the roots and heartwood of trees up to 80 old. The trees are cut down, then left to be eaten by ants, which consume all but the fragrant heartwood and roots. The heartwood is then harvested to produce the base for the essential oil.

The scent, called chandana Induces a calm and meditative state.

Therapeutic properties of sandalwood: Antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, astringent, sedative, insecticide, urinary and lung antiseptic; relieves lung congestion and nausea.  Treats infections of the reproductive organs, especially in men and helps relieve bladder infections.

Citrus Sorbet

Citrus based essential oils are usually distilled from the rind of the fruit.

Therapeutic properties of sandalwood: Can improve mood, relieves mental fatigue, headaches, has been shown to breakdown cellulite fat deposits, stimulates alertness.

Summer Orchard

Essential oils distilled from apples has been used successfully to reduce the severity and duration of migraine headache pain and may also have a similar effect on joint pain. It's believed the scent reduces muscle contractions, which are the main cause of pain in migraines.

Reflexology - specific jets for wellness through foot massage

A therapy used since ancient times to prevent or cure ailments by  influencing the flow of energy through the organs of the body. A web search will find a wealth of detailed information about therapy.

All the principle parts of the body can be mapped on the feet as the diagram above shows. By gently massaging these specific zones the energy flow is stimulated with a corresponding beneficial effect on the relevant organ.

Many of the Wellis spas are fitted with footwell Reflexology jets as part of the overall hydro-massage system. All the beds also have up to 4 reflexology jets which can be further enhanced with the optional PULSARTM system on some models

Music therapy -  let Wellis WiFi AquasoulTM relax your mood

Music compliments every therapy and precious moment of relaxation, warm water, gentle massage, aromatic scents - and the cd finishes! So you reach out over the side for the buttons, fumble about, drop the thing, get out the tub - yeah we know....

So that's why we developed the exclusive Wellis AQUASOUL Bluetooth WiFi system with its touch panel control right at your fingertips - right where you are - in the spa not outside of it!

With no moving parts the music wont stop until you want it to, and with up to 5 speakers surrounding you the sound quality is of the excellence you would expect from Wellis.

Pulsar  - is the exclusive Wellis is programmable massage system that lets you choose from up to 9 different massage therapies

The Wellis PULSARTM  massage sequencer is simple to operate yet brings a new level of hydrotherapy to any spa equipped with it

A convenient spa side touch panel lets you select any of 9 different massage programs from up to 30 jets across 8 body zones.

A microprocessor then controls each jet to produce the perfect massage for you, tailored exactly to specific areas and muscle groups.


Static hot tub hydromassage brings many benefits in itself but sequenced hydro-massage is highly therapeutic for many rehabilitation requirements, as well as being an excellent regular pre-emptive wellness regime.

Advantages include:

Allows the user to focus pressure on a specific muscle group for rehabilitation
Increase massage effectiveness through varying the applied pressure intensity
Encourages the venous blood return system (helps avoid/relieve varicose veins
Helps to remove cellulite - massage sequence creates a flushing effect under the skin
Relieves "Heavy leg syndrome" - positive and negative pressures assist the tissues to re-oxygenate
Back/leg pain - the rhythmic pressure kneads away tension in the large muscle groups very effectively

MicrosilkTM - A huge advance in preventive and palliative therapy that transforms a Wellis spa into a unique home wellness centre


Your very own Hot Tub Time Machine! Any Wellis spa is fun to use and therapeutic in many ways - but the MicrosilkTM system takes hydrotherapy to new levels

The images above show the relative size difference between normal water air bubbles and the microsilk micro bubbles on the right.

information and images relating to MicroSilk are courtesy of Jason International inc who designed and build the MicroSilk system. More information can be found on their website at:

Developed with your skin in mind, MicroSilk delivers benefits unlike any other form of hydrotherapy. Natural and non-invasive, tiny microbubbles gently envelop your skin (the body’s largest organ) to relieve irritation, encourage metabolism, fight free radicals, and promote wellness.